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Astronomical Institute

The 870-piece (including minifigures) astronomical institute provides ground-breaking research in astronautics, astronomy, astrodynamics and rocketry. 

The institute includes:
6 minifigures (2 rocketry engineers, an astronomer, an astronaut, a professor, and a student).
3 floors (from the top down: observatory + garden, lecture hall + storage, rocket testing facility + supercomputer + Mars simulator).
A rotating telescope and sliding observatory doors.
A small sounding rocket launch pad + sounding rocket to study the upper atmosphere.

The building opens for access to all rooms inside, and the observatory floor is removable. 

I built the astronomical institute to showcase some of the many professions available in the space industry in Lego form. I focused on some of the 'behind the scenes' professions which are more obscure to the general public, as engineers, scientists and mathematicians make space exploration a real possibility.

As a result, I think this would make a good Lego set because it showcases the varying professions of the space industry in a set with play and display potential.