Product Idea |



The laboratory consists detailed laboratory items like:

  • A microscope
  • A glove dispenser
  • Test tubes
  • Hot stove for mixing mixtures and potions
  • Lab bottle holders

One table that cointains boxes for stuff like empty bottles and different ingredients.

One table where the scientist can sit and do different experiments and keep all their test tubes etc.

Shelves made inside the wall where things like ingredients can be placed and empty lab bottles can be placed on the bottle holder.

First aid kit on the wall (big white box on left hand side)

Box for tissues on the wall (little white and grey box)

3 scientist minigfigures 2 female and 1 male (the female in blue have 2 1X1 blue flats under her feet so she looks taller)

The floor is made from 3 Base Plate 16X32 white.

In total the set contains: 781 bricks