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MacGyver--Thief of Budapest Opening Gambit


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MacGyver must reclaim a stolen horse from a gang of horse thieves.  Can MacGyver get the horse away from the bad guys?

This project is based on the opening gambit of the MacGyver episode "Thief of Budapest".  The episode was first aired on the 13th of October in 1985.

This set would include:

  • 5 minifigures, MacGyver (wearing beige clothes and a red turban) 
  • The helicopter pilot (wearing black clothes)
  • 2 guards (one wearing grey and white, and the other wearing green and white)
  • The leader of the camp (wearing black clothes and a beige turban)
  • 2 horses (one brown and one white)
  • 2 saddles
  • a gun
  • a scimitar
  • a large sword
  • a staff
  • a small tent
  • a large red and yellow tent that has a removable roof
  • a helicopter with a winch
  • a brick separator

Please comment and tell me what you think about this project.  Feel free to follow, share, and, if you think this project should become a set, please support this.  

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