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The Hovercraft... a large, bulky, Dieselpunk-inspired cargo ship which also serves as a troop transport for the Steam Corporation. It features small steering motors, and bigger make it "hover" up and down, forward/backwards.

It has got a big cannon on top of the roof, and space inside for three minifigures. Under the floor of the hovercraft there is a small compartment for loading weapons or cargo. At the back of the model there are two heavy blast doors, from which you can enter the hovercraft.

For easier acces inside of the model, you can easily remove the roof that covers the front of the hovercraft, or fold out the walls to deploy the troops, which of two are included, alongside a pilot.

If you like it, please support! My next Steampunk-inspired idea is about to come soon.

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Best regards, RedRobin999


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