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Half Modular: Lucerne Town House



This is a new Series i'm starting called Half Modular Town Buildings. I mean, why not? These are a floor taller than normal Modulars but you could easily strip away a floor.


The first model is based upon a real house in the town of Lucerne. I found it while i drove by on my daily bus trip to work. I made a few changes though, the real house had 3 windows on each floor, but the modular size of it wouldn't allow that to happen, and a full modular house was just too big.

I have no idea what the interior of the building actually looks like in the real one, but as a long time Lucerne town guy, i guessed.

On the ground floor i made a front and a back entrance, as well as these big windows. The interior consists of an majestic stairway beginning, four mailboxes and an abandoned storage space with old boxes and a spider web (and a spider).
The First floor is mainly an office with a secretary's desk (with a telephone) and two work desks, all equipped with state of the art modern computer screens and very comfortable chairs. For additional comfort i added a water-cooler in the middle of the room. (the balcony is also very nice)
The Loft apartment is another floor up and contains an additional stairway to the attic, as well as a separate bathroom. The Loft itself has many little details, but i'm mostly proud of the kitchen.
And then there's (my opinion) the highlight of the building: the attic. Not only is the attic itself very beautiful (self loathing), but it has a model train in it!

I really enjoyed building this house in LDD and i hope you will be able to build it too!


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