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A Victorian Home


This design/project pays homage to some of the aspects of the Victorian Era, including furniture and other building techniques. Before we begin, I would like to state what the Victorian Era once was. The Victorian Era is a time period between 1837 and 1901, these years marked by Queen Victoria's life span. During this time period there was the introduction of machines, allowing for mass production which made furniture more available and allowed for more creative risks to be taken when it came to developing houses. At the end of the day, the Victorian Era was known for it's revival of architecture as well as some gothic elements.

Now let's talk a little bit about the design. If you want to learn more about the designs that aren't discussed here, feel free to click here to see more. Let's begin with the first thing you find as you enter the house: the gate. The gate is trademark for the Victorian Era, and I believe with the sharp details all around the gate, it should properly depict the gothic expression of the Era. The second aspect I would like to discuss is the windows. At first, I thought I should do the windows withouth glass, but on further inspection, it would be difficult to make larger windows for the top of the room. So, I decided to make the windows glass, and then I surrounded the frame with bricks, which turned out looking really well at the end. Other aspects of the build that I liked were the chimney, the desk and the grandfather clock, all elaborated through the presentation.(something else I definetly liked was the ceiling of the home; I like what I achieved that both resembled the Victorian Era but didn't add the typical tower design that most victorians have; a challenge I believe I surpassed) Some things that could be worked on include the fireplace (some of the pieces feel obscure and the colors.. I'm not quite sure). Another struggle would be the books in the bookshelf; the books themselves could be troublesome... what I think would be the best solution is to add some sort of "lego-esce" sticker as replace ment (for example, "Moby Dick"could be renamed "Moby Brick" with a creative title. The same solution can be applied to the painting prints/stickers; a creative design which still references the original painting). The first floor consists of a beautiful porch, a well developed entrance surrounded by the guards shown in the front, a beautiful kitchen with a vintage furnace, a cozy fireplace to gather everyone around and a conpmfy couch to enjoy it in a conmfy couch. Following the stairwell leads to a second floor which consists of a hallway and a large room. The hallway is the location for the trademark Grandfather Clock, the actual room has a study, a dresser and a vintage bed, fit only for a lavish lego civilian.

*Here comes some extra info about the background of this project. It isn't required to see in order to understand the design, but it explains some of the inspiration of the design*

This design was actually based on a Genius Hour project ( again, if you want to learn more about Genius Hour, click here) The idea of using lego for this project was a given; ever since I was 9 I played and built with lego. With the opportunity to make a project about something I love, I decided that my main motivation would be to make a successful campaign to get a good lego design through this idea page. Throught the process, I've learned much about myself, including my work ethic and what I can and cannot do. At the end of the day, I chose Victorian homes because the gothic, yet creative architecture fascinates me and I thought combining it with a platform such as lego would be a perfect blend that depicts the Victorian Era's greatest aspects. I believe that for my first project, I did very well, and if I didn't manage to make your approval, then I hope to get useful feedback about the flaws for future designs.

The End