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Jaguar F-Type Coupe


F-Type variant - barn find

This variant of my LEGO F-Type is set in the future. The car was abandoned many years before and is found in a barn.


F-Type Variant - Race Car

This F-Type is a race car edition, with lowered shocks, a spoiler, more aero, and more.


F-Type variant - SVR

This version of the F-Type is called the SVR; it is Jaguar’s fastest F-Type model. My version has a lowered body, spoiler, and quad exhaust pipes, just like the real one.


F-Type Variant - Project 7

This F-Type is called a Project 7. It has white stripes and circles. It also features high performance.


F-Type Variant - Convertible

This variant of the LEGO F-Type is a convertible instead of a coupe. I got rid of the roof support, roof, and rear glass, and added a bar from the side of the windshield to the other side.

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