The Battle of Pelennor Fields: Defense of Minas Tirith

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Update! 2/27/14

The Battle of Pelennor Fields was the battle fought outside of Minas Tirith, between Gondor, Rohan, and the forces of the dead, against the forces of the Witch King of Angmar. This proposed set is a small battle pack similar to the Uruk-Hai Army set. Included is a catapult, the gate of Minas Tirith, and Grond. The model contains 864 pieces. I hope to include 2 orcs, 2 gondor soliers, and an extra figure. This poll will be in the comments.

The Catapult. It holds one rock and fires with a simple flicking motion. Rubber bands (not available in LDD) would hold it in place and make the firing motion stronger. Skulls surround the catapult to make it more intimidating. In the actual battle, the heads of those who fell in Osgiliath were thrown into Minas Tirith, therefore, the skulls are a part of my catapult. Includes 34 pieces.

The gates. There is a catapult, opening doors, and playable interiors. This part is 590 bricks, and could be reduced to around 500, but not much less.

Grond. The famous battering ram from the underworld used to batter down the grates of Minas Tirith. Two trolls push it into battle, swinging it with great power. Grond includes 240 pieces.

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