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Pusher Tug


The Idea:
Connect the barge!! Put on your navigation lights!! Cast off! And let's go! This pusher tug and barge was inspired by my own job, I used to work on a Tug. When I created my LEGO city I was missing something. The rivers needed some activity. And so it was done. The pusher tug was born.

It comes in two parts: The Tug and the Barge.

The Tug:
The Tug has a moveable wheelhouse, Real working torque whinches, navigation lights (which are moveable to reconnect on the barge) and a detailed engine room.

The Barge:
What's to say about a barge. It has a hold to load and an anchor which you can use.


You can ofcourse sail with it and load and unload the barge. You can connect and disconnect the barge from the tug, but it would be even more fun when you have different shapes and sizes of barges to connect to your Tug.

It would be great if this could be a City set.

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