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Forwards Residence


From the outside this house looks nice and traditional, it has been built with white brick and has nice brick decorations. Small windows let in plenty of light and have been added to the house in a mostly symmetric way.

The house is equipped with a homely desk and topped with a sandwich and computer. It also has a bed, a chest of drawers, a red, reclining chair and a spacious outside toilet.

The second floor is the same size as the first, which has been built exactly on top of the floor below it. This floor has a very different style than the floor below.

2 sides have opening walls so you can have a nice play and look at the insides. They open very easily and are not too much fuss!!

The roof is higher, triangular and layered and is covered with reddish brown ceramic tiles. Rows of small windows let in plenty of light to the room below the roof.
The house itself is surrounded by a small front garden, with various flowers and 2 large trees.

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