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Lego Cattle Ranch!


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     Join Rex the Rancher as he runs his cattle ranch. Rex will have to be alert. There are many dangers in the old west!

      I am hoping this idea inspires Lego to begin making pioneer and western sets from the 1800's. This cattle ranch is around 1,000 pieces. It is modular. The ranch house and the corral connect together using technic pins. This set could be sold as one large set or two smaller sets. Each set sits on a 32 x 32 tan baseplate. The roof easily comes right off to allow for play inside the ranch house. It even has a surprise hidden under the floorboards of the house. The corral comes complete with fencing, cattle, a gate, and even a shovel (to clean up the cattle dung!) Completing the set are mini fig Rex the Rancher, his horse (Ginger), his two dogs (Mutt and Mongo), five cattle, and an ornery rattle snake.

   The set displays well for adults, and it also has play features for the kids. After all, who hasn't dreamt about being a cowboy at one time in his or her life? Well, now is your chance to live out the rugged, heroic lifestyle of being a cowpoke!

Yee Haw! Let's drive the herd to Fort Legorado!



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