Batcopter TR (Twin Rotor)

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Update 6/08/13 - New black landing gear and
Building instructions link:

My nine year old son and i are building a batcave and we wanted a batcopter for it, so we looked for a used original one and couldn't find it, and as we did with the tumbler we decided to build one, and this is what we did.

The size of this vehicle is LEGO average as you can see, you can fit one minifig easily.
The interior is in red like the 2012 batmobile, our favorite one.

The main idea in this project was to create a cool vehicle for LEGO batman so we mixed
classic batcopter whith sci-fi copter, and this is what we finished up creating.

If this project was considered for a set there's a few things that i would add:
Some batman logo decals and some bad guys to chase with our copter.

Hope you like it, and thank's for you'r time.