Percy Jackson- Minotaur Pursuit

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This set is taken from the scene in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief when Grover, Percy and Sally are attacked by the Minotaur. In this set there are two builds and three characters. Hope you like it!

The first build is Sally (Or Gabe's) car. It's red with black stripes. The roof and windscreen can come off, as in picture, to reveal a steering wheel and two seats. Unfortunately, you cannot fit all the characters in the car. But please give feedback!

The next build is Thalia's pine. It actually doesn't even look like a pine, but oh well. It has four branches and can rotate in the middle for playability.

Next is the almighty Minotaur! The figue is a big fig or large fig or whatever. The minotaur would come with an axe like it would on the bridge of Manhatten, though that doesn't happen in the scene.

The minifigures are:
Percy with Riptide. One face smiling, one scowling (Pictured)
Grover with reed pipe. One face scared, on confident (Pictured)
Sally Jackson. One face smiling, one shocked when the Minotaur 'Kills' her.

I hope you like it! please comment and give feed back and definitely support! Check out my other creations too!

Drakon King out . . .