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Silver Neptune (Titan Series)

Yes Finally, I have uploaded my first creation, This is amazing because he is full articulated, articulation in the arms, Elbows, Shoulders, Wrists, Ankles, Knees, Rotates head.

It took to me like 1 week to finish this guy, he is just a mech that came to save the earth, and mankind aside the other 3 Titans that I've already finished (They're Coming Soon)

He looks like a Japanese series.

-UPDATE- 10.3.2012
-New Minifigure "Jay the Sparkle"
-New Minifigure Mounting
-New Chest and Arms

Aside with his Shield and Sword, he can stand by his own. The base and the minifigure "Jay the Sparkle"

"Jay the Sparkle"

A guy who takes everything lightly and only do what the other ask, solitary and thoughtful.
helps without expecting anything in return.

He has a Silver/Blue Suit that matches the Titan, He includes a silver Helmet.

It is Unknown Jay's Face.

Cabin for the Minifigure, It closes completely and its easy to open.

The Head, it is cool because it really seems like a face, nice silver pieces and new cockpit.
Shiny Sword!

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