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Hotel for Children

Welcome! Here, children minifigures can come and stay for a night or two with friends or maybe their siblings and cousins as a treat away from home. It has been a long time for many people not seeing family or going on special little trips near or far from home, and I wanted to create a hotel where young ones could get away for an exciting outing.
I asked my children and some of their friends what they enjoyed about going on holiday or vacation and included some of those aspects into this build in different ways.

While the themes and rooms are geared toward children, I wanted to keep a hotel feel, as the children said they get excited about staying in a place 'fancier' than home. The bedrooms have themes depending on different children's interests to make it feel extra special.

On the first floor you will find the reception where the young minifigures can check in. There are a couple of comfy couches where they can lounge about and eat some lovely juicy fruit. This level holds a buffet restaurant where the children can also come to chow down and choose their drinks from the machine dispenser.

The second floor includes the first two bedrooms - The Jammin' Music bedroom and the Fairytale bedroom.
On the other side of this floor, the children can enjoy hanging out in the Entertainment Room. Here they can choose to play table tennis, create some art to take home, listen to music, play dress up, and try to beat each other's high star score on the arcade dance game.

The third floor includes the other two bedrooms which are water themed - The Mermaid bedroom and the Pirate bedroom.
On the other side of this floor is the candy room, where there are many treats to choose from. There are rock candies, lollipops, donuts, cookies, meringues, soft pretzels, supersize no-melt ice creams, watermelon candy licks, candy dots, choco-bananas covered in gold dust, candy lipsticks, cocoa drinks, popcorn and chocolate bars.

The levels lift off on each side separately, so it can be played with one whole side up or with all the rooms and levels down. I wanted to keep the back open with no roof because I enjoy seeing the layout and activity of the insides while on display as well as the front.

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