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Ruins of the ancient city

Hi, I am from Russia, so I will use a google translator and there may be mistakes in the words. 
I'm sorry.
I want to present you my first set, which I did - the ruins of the ancient city. 
Two travelers - Knightman and Dwarf fighter travel through the vast fantasy world. 
On their way there are many mysteries and dangers. 
The first one is this city. What happens next is up to you.

"Welcome to the long-ruined city, which once ruled a powerful king. The cause of the death of the city is still a mystery. Two travelers explore the fantastic world and approach these ruins. There are fantastic creatures on their way - stone guards, giant spiders and scorpions It looks like they are guarding something ... It’s probably the treasures of the old king. Now our heroes have to reveal all the secrets of this city and become a little richer ... "

  • 9 Minifigures (Knight, Dwarf, 3 Stone Guard, skeleton of a Knight, skeleton of a King, 2 monuments of knights)

  • 5 creatures (4 spiders, scorpion)

  • 703 parts

  • 2 treasure chests

  • The ruins of the main entrance to the city

  • Temple ruins

  • Trap (falling stone in the treasury)


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