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Incom UT-60D


This is the U-Wing it is from the Star Wars Rouge One movie. It is a troop transport / starfighter. It took me three days to build. I got inspired by watching the Rouge One trailer and decided to build one myself. I have not seen a U-Wing as a set or on Lego Ideas before so that was also a motivation for me.

I'm very happy with the outcome and I hope it will be a Lego set. One more thing about the construction if it gets 250 supporters I'll try to do so that the wings can fold back. So I hope we can have 250 supporters. I believe that it would be a great Lego set because I think that a new Starfighter is needed in the Star Wars Lego fleet.

The design measures 42 cm in length and I have fitted it with a stand and a part of dessert terrain to make it more accurate to the movie trailer.