Product Idea

Lego Animals Advent Calendar

Rebuild, reuse, redo


You can always reuse pieces from Lego Animals Advent Calendar to create new animals.

It could be a small change. Make a hamster by taking off the rabbit's ears or  make a rhino by adding a horn to the hippo. 

A more complex change is making a hummingbird out of a toucan or a turtle out of a tortoise . Fun fact: tortoises dwell on land, turtles live in the water while terrapins can’t make up their mind and spend time on land and in swampy water.

You can also build something from scratch,  American pekin(duck), Yellow-crested cockatoo, Scissortail Sergeant (fish), Holstein-Friesian cow

Who are you? Green mamba, green pit viper, green tree phyton... It can be anything you build!!!

Thank you for your support!


Video and more pictures


The would be Advent calendar could have a world map at the bottom, so you can place animals to their habitats.

For instance, you can place the red-eyed tree frog in Mexico. Fun fact, did you know that the red-eyed tree frog is not poisonous like other brightly colored species of frogs?

The koala, platypus and crocodile can be placed in Australia

The hippo and elephant in Africa:

Where would you place the rabbit or the dog? Home, of course!!!

Check out the video of the Lego Animals Advent Calendar that inspired this project

Lego Advent Animals Calendar