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Technic remote control double arm grabber


My idea is a remote controlled ‘motorised’ double arm grabber.

There is a L motor for each arm, which opens and closers the pincers, lifts the arm up and down, swings the arm out and in, and powers one of the two working 8 piston engines.

Together with the other motorised arm this give 8x motorised functionality within the confines of a standard double track area.

To keep things moving there is also one XL motor for each caterpillar treed, allowing both to either more forward, backward, or opposite directions to turn on the spot movement using the red knobs on the controller (directions indicated by the green and orange arrows on the 2nd photo). On flat ground this is surprisingly fast in the video below.

As shown by the other colours in the 2nd photo for each arm there is a gearing path coloured:

  1. Blue: Through the top turntable to increase or decrease the small actuator for opening or closing the pincer when the outside clutch is in the down position.
  2. Red: Through the bottom turntable to increase or decrease the large lifting actuator when the outside clutch is in the up position.
  3. Grey: To turn the turntable, so the arm swings outwards by 90 degrees and swings back when the inside clutch is in the down position
  4. Future development TBC when the inside clutch is in the up position.

With the 2nd arm, this gives four clutches in total, with all 32 gears arranged vertically as this saves considerable space compared to horizontal gearing, avoids gears at right angles, and allows one L motor to power each of the two clutch drive axels. This simple arrangement will hopefully encourange builders to use clutches in their own designs.

Each half is a mirror image of the other, so siblings or friends can build one half each.

There are about 1200 pieces, 2 XL, 2 L motors, 2 infra-red sensors, led lights and battery box (which helps to act as a counterweight). 

As it has being a long time since the fantastic motorised excavator 8043, please support to show Lego that there is interest in motorised construction vehicles around the 1200 piece price bracket. For those who prefer physical play, the clutches can be left in the middle neutral position to disengage the motors.

Please also support, even if technic is not your favourite medium, as it has taken me 6 months to achieve what would normally just use far more expensive mindstorm motors and controls.

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