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The Batsub: A Joke To A Kill


 This is my first and original project: The Batsub: A Joke To A Kill. It includes 146 pieces. Here is my synopsis of it:

 Joker and his goon are wrecking havoc in Gotham City! Batman goes into the Batsub and launches the two flick missiles. Oh no! The goon has SCUBA gear and dives into the water with a harpoon gun, and he has shot the Batsub (that is why the blue stub is there)! He turns on the taillights and launches the back-flick net missile (by opening the cockpit and pushing the light gray pole)! Batman gets out to arrest the Joker, but Joker fires shots at him! He retreats back to the Batsub, and calls Commissioner Jim Gordon on his radio. He tell him to get on the Batcopter and fly off! Batman controls the Batcopter with the Batsub control panel, and both work together to take down the Joker!

 Thank you all for your time to see and read my project, please support, tell your friends, and have a nice day!

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