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1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Fastback Ealanor


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This is the classic Ford Mustang, a true icon amongst American muscle cars and still popular to this day, this version is the famous "Ealanor" car as seen in movies and is a special edition of the 1967 Shelby GT500. I chose this model as it was made in a unique colour and had a very striking look with its body-kit and black stripes.

The model consists of just over 900 pieces and is built to a 16 stud width, which makes it fit in perfectly with the existing creator expert vehicles available from Lego today.

It features opening doors, adjustable seats, opening trunk and opening hood with detailed engine bay. It features a solid and strong build, with no stressed joints or incorrectly placed bricks.

The model only features 2 stickers which are the "GT500" badges placed on flat tiles to prevent the stickers covering several pieces. (See behind the front wheels in pictures) All the stripes are created naturally by using black bricks.

I have got the model to a standard I feel is worthy of a potential Lego set but am always open to suggestions for improvements and will update the project to keep it as good as it can be, so please leave a comment and I will reply to everyone!

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Thanks for looking and hope you like it!

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