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Monstrux and the Dark Arena


Watching the LEGO Nexo Knights on CN, I found out that Merlok enclosed Monstrux in 12 spell books. Unfortunalety, sets of 2016 have only 7 books: Book of Monsters(70316 and 70323), Book of Evil(70317), Book of Chaos(70313), Book of Fear(70322), Book of Deception(70314), Book of Destruction(70321 and 70323), Book of Revenge(70324 and 70323). There are absent Book of Greed(red), Book of Anger(red), Book of Envy(green), Book of Cruelty(purple) and Book of Betrayal(Purple).

I'm going to make a full-fledged scene when Book of Monsters absorbing other 11 spellbooks. Set includes giant Book of Monsters, reduced version of Dark Arena, Monstrux minifigure and 5 spell books.

Both sides of the giant version of Book of Monsters I made smooth to comfortable game and transporting.

Dark Arena includes throne of the Book of Monsters, 11 cursed podiums and the place for new Monstrux Body.

There is link to image of the Book of Cruelty:

Images of the other books, Monstrux and the Giant version Book of Monsters you can find watching episode 9 and episode 10 from season 2, Nexo Knights.