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AT-RT Walker Base


This is a simple set that goes with the Republic Dropship I made last week. This is a mobile base for a squad of AT-RT's. It also includes a holo table.


This set includes 4 ARF troopers and a Clone trooper. The ARF troopers need a print that matches the the walkers (white and dark blue) and the Clone Trooper has the same print as the ones in the dropship set.


The walkers are for single person and can hold some thing on both sides. The single blaster cannon can rotate.

Mobile Hangar/Garage

The Hangar can hold 4 walkers and can be picked up by the dropship. It has circular pieces at the sides. These would have republic logos printed on them.

Holo Table

The holo table is very simple with some controls on the side.


The blue parts on the Hangar and Walkers could also be green (for the 41st legion), red (for the battle of geonosis) or black (for stealth missions) however i like dark blue the best. 

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