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Mission: Impossible


3 scenes from the classic 1996 movie Mission Impossible starring Tom Cruise.

1) The Charles Bridge in Prague sets the opening scene where Ethan is setup (framed) as he watches his boss Jim Phelps fall off the bridge into the Vlatava river leading to a request from the IMF (Impossible Mission Force) to turn himself in.

2) The aquarium restaurant scene (spelt “Akvarium” in the movie due to being located in Prague),  where agent Ethan Hunt puts explosive chewing gum on the aquarium glass as a diversion in order to escape agents that wrongfully accused him of taking out his team after he is framed by his evil boss Jim Phelps.

3) The Langley scene, where Ethan tries to hack into the heavily fortified CIA headquarters in Virginia USA to get a top secret computer file (the NOC List) to prove that he is innocent.

While pilot Franz Krieger is belaying Ethan from the ceiling's ventilation system to hack the CIA computer mainframe, he almost drops him after trying to get rid of a rat in the air vents that would have set off the floor sensors leading to an inevitable capture.

1233 Pieces.