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“Centennial” Class Mech


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Mech Story
This is a Centennial class mech. It was built by SubZero Prime to protect their cities against aliens.
Since these mechs are so expensive to build, only four were built. This is the third. You can tell this mech is old by the mismatched pieces on it. In the fourth year of this mechs service, a Bugoid scorpion damaged the left side of the mech, causing it to be rebuilt with old parts. This mech is currently in its 34th year of service.
Project Attributes
This project includes:
  • One SubZero Prime salvager
  • One SubZero Prime pilot
  • One Remnant officer
  • One Remnant scout
  • One Centennial class mech
Mech Attributes
The mech includes:
  • Heavy, blast resistant armour
  • One hand for gripping (left arm)
  • Shoulder armour
  • Head has 360 degrees of movement!
  • The thing on the right arm (what could it be?)
  • Pilot cabin, fully stocked and able to fit one minifig
  • State-of-the-art A.I.
  • Space behind head for whatever You want (see 6th picture)
  • Heavy-duty joints
Why I Built This
I built this to go with my other mechs, but then I decided to put it on as a product idea instead. It was really fun to build this because I love building mechs. The best part of the build in my opinion is the head. This would make a good set because it is more playable than some other ideas sets, and it is fully posable. Thank you for looking at this project! Be sure to share it with your Freinds!

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