Product Idea

S.P.Q.R. Castrum - Microscale Roman Fortress

In the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire, the Latin word castrum (plural castra) was a building, or plot of land, used as a fortified military camp.

was the term used for different sizes of camps including large permanent fortress, semi-permanet forts for cohorts or auxiliaries, temporary encampments, and "marching" forts.

A castrum was designed to house and protect the soldiers, their equipment and supplies when they were not fighting or marching. The Castrum's special structure also defended from attacks.

Being a lover of both history and architecture I decided to represent a section of a permanent Castrum gateway, built in solid granite. Sorrounded by a water ditch, the tower rise over a wooden palisade.
Defended by thick walls, a drawbridge and a catapult the Roman Castrum is considered to be the ancestor of the well known medieval castle.

This micro building would be a great set for both history and architecture lovers.

14 x14 base
663 total parts