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Ned Flanders' House


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Todd: Daddy the house has changed. Ned: We're just Lego Bricks Todd. It's nothing to be afraid of.

I have wrote that down because I have built Flanders house.

You have some hedges , window shutters and a purple and orange canopy all at the front of the house. Then on one side of your house you have a chimney.At the rear you have 2 windows on the ground floor made up of 4 2x2 windows with purple frames and glass and at the top floor you have a purple 3x4 frame with glass in so you can see the bathroom.

You have 2x2 frame with glass in the roof  of the garage and a rolling gate to replicate the garage door. Next to the garage is the red mail box.

You have 2 accessory packs: one for the kitchen and one for the tools.

The kitchen pack includes:    

  • 3x plates
  • 3x knives
  • 3x forks
  • 1x spatula
  • 1x pan
  • 1x silver pan
  • 1x black pot
  • 1x jug
  • 3x cupcake tins                                                                                                                                      
  •  3x red mugs                                                                                                                                   Unless otherwise stated every thing in the kitchen pack is lime green.                                             

The tool pack includes:

  • Wheel spanner
  • Spanner
  • Oil can
  • 2x screwdrivers