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Hillclimb Rally Car


Greetings LEGO fans!

This creation is my interpretation of a Hillclimb Rally Car in gravel trim. Rally cars like this race in timed events up point to point mountain tracks with various surfaces and road conditions. Regulations are loose so the cars often feature very powerful engines with up to 1000 horsepower, highly aerodynamic bodies and often feature all wheel drive for grip on loose surfaces like dirt and gravel.

My car consist of nearly 900 parts, it is built in the same scale as the LEGO Ferrari F40 and has the following features:

* Proper steering

* Fully modeled V-6 turbocharged engine

* Fully modeled cockpit

* Aerodynamics: front splitter, rear wing, rear gurney, blown diffusor.

* Extra LED lights for night stages

* Thin heavily profiled tires for loose gravel

* Hood air intake for the intercooler

* Doors and hood can be opened

* Windscreen wipers, mirrors and tons more!

I hope you like my creation - and if you do please leave a comment and support my idea. Hopefully this will become a real LEGO set thanks to you!

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