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Drone Racing Circuit


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This set represents a drone racing circuit.

It comes with its gates, tunnels and obstacles as well as with the racing drones, the pilots, the flight line director, a trophy and a bottle of "Drone Racing Bubbles" for the victorious team!
The pilots are all equipped with a radio remote control unit.

Each drone is equipped with a frontal camera that allows FPV control of the drones (First Person View). The image shot by the frontal camera is sent live into the goggles of the pilot, or onto a separated standing screen.
The pilot is then fully immersed into the race environment.

The drones are technically all the same. They only differ in color patterns, corresponding to the pilot dressing pattern (red, green, yellow and pink).

This set is made for kids who do not know yet how to pilot, but would like to play within the drone environment.
It is also made for drone fans or hobbyists to expose as a display at home, in a club or a racing league office.
Last but not least, the set is great to repeat maneuvers, strategy, or tricks!



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