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ESSL (Earth Space Science Lab) Museum


If you like science you will like this. It shows many exhibits what you are sure to love. You can learn about the earth,about dinosaurs, about bone's, and for the children they can dig dino bones. And have you ever had a lego ball before. Well with this set you can get one and have fun. if you have any suggestions for this feel free to tell me and i will do it and dedicate the update to you. I think this has a good chance to be a lego set to the world for education.


I will add more later on if you subscribe.I built this to show the education the world has and it's greatness. If you want this you just have to make a few clicks and support for this. Remember that you can own this if you support this. It is not hard but it will go to a good use. The children and thanks to all the supporters and the people who commented me.

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