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X-Men: Dazzler's Disco Defense


This is my first Lego Marvel themed set titled X-Men: Dazzler's Disco Defense. In this set, get to play as Dazzler, Cyclops, and Phoenix as you defend Dazzler's disco in this reimagining of a classic Dark Phoenix saga scene. Face off against Pyro and Toad who will stop at nothing to harm the dancers in the disco. Blast of the wall as Pyro or rock the dance floor as dazzler. If you like to get more relaxed, sit at the bar for a round of drinks or calmly swipe the flood. This set comes with 6 minifigures, which are, Dazzler, Cyclops, Phoenix, Pyro, Toad, and Disco Dancer.

Thanks for supporting and stay toned for my next X-men set featuring another classic scene from the saga as well as some more cool minifigures and designs.   



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