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MINI taj mahal

10189 to save the Taj Mahal as it is I created a mini version, instead of going

10189 타지마할을 구하기가 어려워서 대신 미니버전으로 만들어 보았습니다

Due to the small size, I'm afraid that a lot of the products as small as possible and providing explain features was trying

워낙 작은 크기여서 제품설명할껏도 많이 없네요 최대한 작게만들고 특징을 살릴려고 했습니다

This is the top but really felt as long it's hard too get part time part time several times to obtain a product design that takes more
Thank you for your valuable vote

윗모습입니다 이번에 만들면서 느낀거지만 정말 여긴 부품구하기가 너무 어렵네요 제품 디자인 시간보다 부품 구하는 시간이 몇배는 더 걸립니다
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