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The Illusionist


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Think of a card !

The Illusionist a lego set idea where mystery magic and imagination have no end. There is a secret trap door that slides out the stage allowing the illusionist to disappear behind the dresser curtain,a working saw and restore cabinet and all the usual props you would expect a illusionist to have.

There is two minifigures, the illusionist and his assistant ,and a pair of assistant legs for the saw and restore magic trick. I have very loosely based this set on 1900 era illusionist such as Houdini.

With a bit of imagination you could perform a lot of tricks with what is available in the set, the saw and restore box for example can also be used as a levitation table, the trap door can also be used for quick change routines as well as appear and disappearing illusions.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my set idear any support and comments will be appreciated.

Was it the Queen of Hearts ?

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