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Battle of Endor 2017


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Battle of Endor

AT-ST walker

- Rotating head

- Each leg has 5 bending points

- Openable AT-ST hatch

- Top of head opens to access mini figure

- Rotating laser weapon

Imperial bunker

- Bunker entrance with computer panel

​- Rotating satellite dish with 8 small satellite dishes

- Rotating two turrets

- Sliding doors

​- Control room with 2 rotating seats and 4 computers

​- Shield generator with 8 generators

​- Control room of the satellite dish and could be used as storage room.

Minifigures: Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, 4 x Ewoks, 2 x Scout Trooper with speedbike, 2 x Storm Trooper, 1 x AT-ST pilot, 2 x Rebels, 1 x Imperial Trooper

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