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Oscorp Attack


This is a Lego set project of a Marvel Spider-Man attack on Oscorp Industries. Inside it includes 3 floors.

This includes 4 mini figures

  1. Spider-Man
  2. Black Cat
  3. Gwen Stacy
  4. Norman Osborn/ Green Goblin

All the mini figures will be based off the Lego Marvel Video Games.

It includes Green Goblin whole body and head and only Norman Osborn head and hair. Includes the glider, pumpkin bombs, bag, also missiles in the glider.

In the picture it only shows them standing. Spider-Man and Black Cat are fighting the Green Goblin to rescue Gwen Stacy. On top of the door will say Oscorp as the sign. On the first and second floor includes a table. First floor includes a tool box. Second Floor includes a mug. On the top third floor includes a round table and a chair. Includes the Goblin serum. I know everyone will love this project and I'll hope they like it.