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The Marquis


The Marquis - Even though in real life this model stands at about 5 1/2 feet in Height I thought it would be a cool set to make into Lego.  Of course I would want to slim down the size a bit for playability or just to display it on a wall.   The nice thing is that this is for a Scifi Novel I am currently writing so there are no license road blocks.  All the concept art was done by myself as well through sketchbooks.  What I am hoping for this project is to get the model down to about 2 feet in Height using as close of a concept I have here shown.  As you probably have seen, there also is a backstory provided for the Marquis and ship specs. 

The Marquis will also need a center support or stand to hold up the ship.  I would suggest down the spine of the ship, that's where most of the ships strength comes in to play.  It would be wise to have the set come with at least 5-6 mini-figures just to show what kind of race flies these ships. 

Please make sure you click on the thumb nail photo of the Backstory to the Marquis.  Enjoy

Thank you for all your Support!

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