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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 30th Anniversary


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2014 is the 30th Anniversary for our beloved Turtles. So here is the Classic Turtle Van for the old and new fans. It is a mix between the classic cartoon and toy version most kids of the 80s grew up with. 

As you can see: 

- It can fit 5 characters with 4 of them seated.

- The inside of the van is filled with turtle gadgets and...PIZZA!

- Doors on both sides of the van can open with optional Flick Missiles for playability.

- The cannons on top can move around.

- The roof is easy to remove, revealing all the turtles' weapons beneath it.

- The weapons seamlessly disappear when looking at the front of the van. 

- This set includes all four turtles, April and Classic Shredder.

Thanks for your support! Keep checking back regularly!

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