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EL14. Norwegian Cargotrain

This is an EL14 CargoNet used in Norway. The train has six axles and drive on two axles. It is electric RC and use M-motor for driving. It is remote controlled. The model has 599 parts.
This engine was first ordered by NSB in Norway in 1968 and many years later sold to CargoNet in Norway for only cargo transport. Then the top speed also was reduced from 120 km/t to only 100 km/t.
This was north Europe's strongest electric locomotive next to EL15 in many years.

I built this train on my computer to see how realistic I could make it, and I am satisfied with it. I can see which engine it is. And now I want to see how many supporters I get.

If this becomes an official set then it may sell good. The models has many details 

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