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Nice Hair Wigs Shop


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Hello everyone! My name is Hitagi. I have a little daughter Kate. She loves play Lego Minifigures very much. But we have a problem. Some of our Minifigures has not Hair!

When our Mini-girls wants to put out their hats, they can not! Many figures has no hairs, hats only. Some wigs were lost or ruined, because little girl plays with figures often.

Our project is a Wigs Shop. This is a small house where Minifigures can buy a nice hair, special shampoo or a fake beard. You can open the shop (like Creator houses) and look inside. There is 2 Minifigures in set, seller and buyer, 4 wigs and 2 beards for sale, and 3 stickers for the shop name.

I hope you support our idea. We really need it!

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