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Mrs. Crabtree - Watch out for the ruler!

Inspired by "The Boy With Sack" I offer you his High School teacher: Mrs. Crabtree. And the fact I taught in the NYC Public School System for 21 years was yet another inspiration enough! I loved the 50s T.V. Show "Our Miss Brooks" with Eve Arden! the first female teacher that T.V. highlighted! She was the inspiration for my doing a female teacher. Her name comes from the character Mrs. Crabtree played by: June Marlow (younger than mine) in "the Little Rascals"! I was sure to have her hold the role book, a ruler, the nuns in my Catholic School always walked around with one, and put her hair in a bun (to show her age), she has eye glasses and wears the famous "old lady" ruffled socks and slippers. She's my tribute to the teachers of the 50s and 60s! I included a blackboard as well after all she needs a place to write! I have been toying with the idea of adding a desk and chair as well! (And of course an apple on the desk! I thought what a great gift this would make to give to one's teacher and what a great model for all the AFOL that are my fellow teachers to build! She's keeping tally in her book of the Supporters I get and promises to tap her desk 10,000 times until I get them (lol)!

rear view

Here she is telling one of her students: "YOU ARE LATE AGAIN!"

Another view without the "blackboard".

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