Product Idea

Mado King Granzort

Mado King Granzort (Japanese: 魔動王 グランゾー)

It is my honor to present you my new MOC, Mado King Granzort (Japanese: 魔動王 グランゾー) which comes from a Japanese mecha animated series and aired from April 1989 to March 1990. This year would the 30th anniversary. Therefore, it means so much to me if this MOC could become an official Lego set as I am a big fan of this animation.

The animation talks about a boy named Daichi arrives on the moon for summer vacation and he accidentally meets an old witch, V-Mei who is member of the endangered Long-Ears race, currently at war with the evil. V-Mei gives a magic gun to Daichi. With the magic gun, Daichi can summon Granzort, a giant robot called a Madou King with the elemental power of Earth, to fight against the monsters. There are two more Madou Kings, Madou King of Wing and Water.

The main color of Granzort is red which is eye-catching. My MOC is at the minifigure scale and the height is around 40cm. When Daichi is summoning Granzort, it appears as a giant head from a magic circle drawn by Daichi’s magic gun. Therefore, I have made the MOC transformable from giant head to the mecha.

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