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Minecraft Dungeon.

Venture into the Damp Dark Dungeon at your own risk! Use your sword to defend yourself from the Spiders, then Destroy the Mob Spawner to gain experience points, open the Chest and claim the items!

This set is the perfect addition to your Lego collection, it can be a stand alone set but also goes perfectly with The Minecraft Cave and Mineshaft sets. It is also a great Lego gift for any fan of Minecraft! It comes with a Steve Minifigure and two Spiders. Plus many more accessories

  • Includes a Steve minifigure with a weapon and many accessories and two spiders.
  • Features a Stone floor and wall, with two chests and a Mob Spawner.
  • Accessories include an iron sword, iron pickaxe, three loves of bread, and a bone.
  • Includes approximately 143 pieces.
  • Endure an endless amount of spiders until you destroy the spawner.
  • Add this set to the Cave and Mineshaft to expand your underground Minecraft world.

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