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The Poseidon Cabin


Rachel Elizabeth Dare

Hello everyone! So thanks for 57 supporters. Here is my Rachel Elizabeth Dare minifigure. She has her blue plastic hairbrush and an oracle form.

So for the next update, you all have a choice. Jason Grace, Sadie Kane, Magnus Chase, or Lester (Apollo).

Leave your answer in the comments please.


Thalia Grace

As promised, here is Thalia Grace. Thank you all for the support. Let's see if we can reach 100 in 26 days. Next up for the new minifigures will be Rachel Elizabeth Dare. The I’ll move on the the Kane Chronicles...And this Thalia minifigure can be included in the final set design , if my project reaches 10,000 supporters. 



New Minifigures

Thank you all for 49 supporters. So I have made several new Rick Riordan minifigures. I will post a new image (or two) every 10 new supporters. I have characters like Carter Kane, Thalia Grace, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, and many more. Please support and new minifigures will come.


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