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Modular Aquatics Store


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Hello Lego enthusiasts, 

Here is a building to go with my favourite sets, the modular buildings. This aquatic store is the next shop lined up for your lego citys. This building not only looks good but it is also extreamly playable this is deffinatly the next set for you.

This set is the correct dimensions to fit perfectly with existing modular builings so it can just swim streight into your town.

some features of this set include:

  • Modular design
  • Street lamp post
  • Extruding fishtank to view from the street and inside the shop
  • 3 floors.

Floor 1 consists of:

  • A till
  • Shelving units for stock
  • CCTV cameras

Floor 2 consists of:

  • 4 Small fish tanks
  • 1 larger fish tank housing turtles, fish, starfish and corals
  • Undertank plumbing

Floor 3 consists of:

  • Stock room
  • Tank stand boxes
  • Product boxes 

This set contains 1243 bricks and in my opinion deserves your support, so please help me make this set a reality for all of you fans and please support and share my set.

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