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Big City Greens Home Replica.

Big City Greens is a Disney animated cartoon in which a boy named cricket, his sister Tilly, and his dad Bill, move to their grandma’s house from the country to the Big City. The grandma’s house is a very old and broken-down house with lots of patches in the roof (same with the garage). They have a lawn mower, a chicken coop, a bit of field, crops, a house, a garage, a blue couch, a blue kitchen, and boxes and other stuff in the garage. All the above I have included.

The few details I did not include are the truck, the windmill, the farm animals, and I’m sorry to say in this replica I could not find the right pieces to make the green family, but if it becomes a set LEGO will happily give me the right pieces to make the characters. This set is estimated to be around 350 pieces to 400 pieces and is about 17 inches long. Please support my creation and watch Big City Greens on Disney.

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