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Yellow Raider


My one of the bigger projects made in Lego Digital Designer program. Before that one I've uploaded project called "Silver Bullet" which was a variation of that original version of model. Car was made out of over 2300 bricks, so you can imagine it's a bigger scale thing. Making this one I was inspired by italian supercars, especially Lamborghinis, because they are crazy enough to be called hypercars, which every petrolhead loves I guess.

Why "Yellow Raider"? I think because of it's design character. It will raid thanks to it's yellow quite eye-catching colour and it can even shock and make some extreme feelings. Like hypercars and especially Lamborghinis do. Name always should be right to character.

This one features:
- curiosusly opening engine bay bonnet
- tranversely mounted V12 engine with connected exhaust
- up opening doors
- back wheels suspension
- steering system connected with steering wheel

I upload project, because I believe this has chance to interest buyers by it's unique design and it's not any replica, just my own idea from scratch. Only inspirations and vision were building this up. Also not many cars like that are uploaded. So I hope this will pay your attention and I'm waiting for your sincere comments ;)

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