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Scaled up Minecraft


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Hello!  Catseyeguy here.  I was browsing some Lego sets and came across the Lego Minecraft series.  Now don't get me wrong, that theme is awesome, but it's just a bit...  Small...  I suddenly remembered a design that I had built last year, that has since disappeared.  Introducing Scaled Up Minecraft!

Scaled Up Minecraft is a Minecraft figure and a couple large blocks.  The blocks interlock firmly but come apart easily with a little bit of effort.  The figure has a neck and arms that move, though for now the legs are fixed in place because I can't figure out a way to make them move independently.  As you can see, the blocks are colorful (though I may improve on the "pixel" look) and cube shaped for the most part.  I plan, in the future, to the create animals, and monsters of all kinds.  This set would be great for kids, teenager, and many others that play Minecraft, because there are so many ways to play with it.  Thanks for reading!  I hope that this has been a good description of Scaled Up Minecraft, and that I didn't bore all of you.



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