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Local Fire Station


1,827 bricks.

This Fire Station comes with complete with very high detailed Fire Aerial Ladder Truck, Fire Pumper Truck, Fire Chief SUV and awesome Fire Helicopter.

Inside the station there is some accessories in the garages (tools, smoke gear, garbage can etc.).  Inside the front door is a nice foyer.  To get upstairs Lego Firemen Figures use the stairs out front.  On the second floor there is a nice kitchen, one set of bunk beds, entertainment system, eating table and chair, internal Fireman's Pole with reset winch.  On the third floor there a spacious Watch Tower room with bar fridge and coffee maker with a complete washroom.

Some changes are required to complete:

The large Fire Trucks require the black shooters be replaced with the new larger yellow shooters part number 6137967.  The four strings shown should be replaced with string with ball part number 6132951.  On both trucks behind the pumper panels requires a little 1x2 wall piece to be removed and replaced with a red 1x2x1 2/3 with four knobs on one side part number 6123809, on the Aerial Truck only another in red part number 6123809 is required behind the truck mounted ladder controls.

A few stickers would be needed to complete this set.

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