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Lego Star Wars Project Mos Eisley


Clone Wars S04E14 Speeder

Today I saw episode 14 of Season 4 of Star Wars Clone Wars and saw a chic red Speeder. Not quite perfect, but inspired the design I present to you now my adaptation and hope you like it.


Lego Star Wars YT-130 Light Frighter

Due to the low support this will be my last update.

Who has not heard of the YT-1300 Millenium Falcon, the smuggler Han Solo's ship. But the spacecraft forge the Corellian Engineering began much earlier. During the Battle of Tatooine and more frequently modified ships of the old Sith Wars emerge. Including the light freighter YT-130th With its small size, but relatively large engines that old ship reaches top speeds. This allows the YT-130 wounded as well as products without delay transport across the galaxy. As defense is a due-Canon laser gun. With the Bort, two astromech droid, which can perform makeshift repairs on the spot, a clone pilot and two escape pods. Please support this project.


Lego Star Wars Ebon Hawk

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The Ebon Hawk was a heavily modified and upgraded cargo ship at the time of the Old Sith Wars.  Now, during the Clone Wars the old part strongly ailing star ship was brought to Mos Eisley order to recreate them from spare parts and modified modern technology. Now it serves as Meliz Blockade Runner and smuggled goods in the occupied territory.



Lego Star Wars Crashed Republic Gunship

Meanwhile, the conflict looming on Tatooine, received a small Clonetroop the task of the formation of the occupying droid army to analyze. But the job failed and the Republic Gunship crashed near the town of Mos Eisley from. Two clones survived, but a few droids approach to inspect the crash site. The clones may stop the coming threat long enough for the saving reinforcements arrive? With this set you can determine the outcome of this story. Decide on the Republic and the Separatists.


Lego Star Wars M-Wing

New ships and Speeder in the mostly dilapidated and used electric range difficult to construct. But necessity is the mother of invention. So it did former starship pilots and engineers from your old scrap to create a sophisticated star flyer. The unofficially designated as M-Wing Starfighter is now the Meliz Mos Eisleys as support and cheap alternative to the ARC-170 Starfighter.


Lego Star Wars smugglers hideout

Mos Eisley is the focus of all smugglers in the Outer Rim. With specially modified spacecraft, speeders and weapons they create their own laws. With this set you can power the stolen container in the protected plant smugglers hide. How are the separatists react? An attack is not easy because the shield generator protecting the small group of criminals to weak and strong energy weapons.


New Clone Troopers Battle Scene

The battle for the Outer Rims begins!

Tatooine - Mos Eisley, after Jabba The Hut has conceded his solidarity for the Republic, the droid army begins its invasion of the major trading points on the desert planet. But the inhabitants of this threat must not stand alone against, because a group Clone Troopers has brought in a dilapidated building to position and wait for the the upcoming battle.
With this scene you can experience first-hand the battle. How do you choose? For the dark or the light side.
Including a new AT-RT, a blaster gun, a Medi-Droid, a Jedi and several Clonetroops.


New Racing challange Add for Mos Eisley Project

Today I want to familiarize yourself with an exciting racing scene. Two Speeder, modified for breakneck racing in the dusty desert canyons. With this function a viable observation deck. I hope you like this scene. More will follow soon.


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