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LotR Architecture - Orthanc


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*Note: please check out the updates for more information about this project. Thanks :D*

The Vision

This is the first of hopefully many more architectural Lord of the Rings (LotR) projects. My goal with these projects is to take the Architecture style scale of building and use it to create Middle-Earth landmarks/places.

About the Tower of Orthanc

For those who don't know, the tower of Orthanc is the home of the wizard, Saruman the White, head of the White Council. The different bases shown in the last 3 pictures shows when he was good, when he turns Isengard evil, and when the Ents come attack and cleanse Isengard.

The Story

Why did I choose Orthanc first? I honestly have know idea :D. But I decided that I wanted to make it, so I did the best I could to represent it. In the updates, I will be showing how the tower evolved to its final state as well as other tower designs I had, but were unsuccessful and why so.

If you guys have any questions or things that could be fixed/added, then please let me know in the comments. I will try my best to respond as son as I can and do value feedback. Also in the updates, I will be posting ideas for possible future projects in this series and other things as well. Defiantly check those out if you want more of how it was made. Please make sure to check out my other LotR projects as well:

There are many who helped greatly in this project and I want to mention them. 

 Thanks for your time! Remember to check out the updates and comment as well! I appreciate it! Thanks!       ~toolmanjr320 :D

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